The Ulimate Riding Machine? BMW E-BIKE

As we write this, it’s a Friday. Just an ordinary Friday, nothing special, but while looking into the specifications of the BMW E-Bikes, something stood out that changed everything. BMW actually sell (and market as such) an “Oi bell” for their bikes, as in “Oi, get out of the way” (or that’s certainly how we choose to interpret it).

Oi bell. Really.

BMW Hybrid E-Bike
BMW have been at the forefront of engineering and technology for many years; 1917 saw the first aircraft engine fitted with aluminium pistons, 1954 was the year of the world’s first production aluminium V8 engine, 1983 saw the world’s fastest production diesel car, and 1991 was the year that BMW created the BMW E1 – the first electric car of the modern era.

So when BMW turn their engineering expertise to building bicycles, you know that you’re getting more than a marketing exercise. Of course, we could list the specifications just like the car – 90Nm of torque, 600Wh battery, 250W nominal output, but that doesn’t really tell you what you need to know.

Besides, a 0-6mph time could be entirely dependent on what you had for breakfast this morning.

Hybrid Bike
You may be a little confused with the whole ‘hybrid’ thing. We’re only just getting to grips with hybrid cars, and now BMW are selling hybrid technology attached to a pushbike, but the reality is that it mimics the cars – just using an electric motor to give you a little extra push. (or speed).

The removable Li-ion battery also powers the integrated lighting system, and uses a built-in charging meter (which can be controlled via a smartphone app) to let you know just what’s left in the tank (so to speak).

As you’d expect, there’s hydraulic disk brakes front and rear (exactly the same principle as the cars), and an almost silent Brose Drive S Alu motor fitted – German engineering at its finest. Add a special eZone saddle from Selle Royal, and you’re set to go.

There are two BMW e-bikes to choose from, the ‘Urban’ and the ‘Active’, essentially the main technical difference is that one has suspension forks, the other is rigid.

If you’d like to find out more information about the BMW e-Bike, or indeed, any BMW product, then get in touch with one of our friendly professionals, and they’ll be happy to give you unbiased advice.